17 Things to Never, Ever, EVER Do to Your House

Keep the vintage wallpaper, but upgrade that time- and money-draining retro thermostat to programmable......



Clean Better, Clean Faster: 8 Storage Tips to Organize Cleaning Supplies

Though there may be a dozen other items on your to do list, you can't hide from the one you wrote at the top of the page in red and all caps and circled twice......




Looking To Borrow Even More For A House? Mortgage Loan Limits Are About To Increase In 2024

If you had your eye on a house or neighborhood in a certain price point but weren’t able to borrow enough for a loan, your luck may change in 2024......




Breaking Even On Your Mortgage Can Take Years. Here’s How To Do It Faster

If you buy a house now, it can take up to 13.5 years to make a profit on your purchase, according to new data from Zillow.....




Featured Agent: Guoying “Mei” Murday

Guoying "Mei" Murday is an Associate Broker and Property Manager at Ideal Realty LLC, where her passion lies in matching people with their perfect properties and ensuring their real estate investments flourish.....




6 Designer-Approved Tricks That Always Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive

Dated cabinets, dingy backsplashes, and forgettable generic light fixtures, oh my—designing any room on a budget is a challenge, but that’s especially the case with a kitchen.....




These 15 Color Schemes Always Work in Kitchens With Dark Cabinets

A kitchen is often considered the heart of a home, making the design and color palette all the more important. Since color schemes can set the tone for the space, you’ll want to find one that makes your kitchen feel warm and welcoming....




Current Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates were virtually unchanged this week, ticking up by only 0.01 percentage point.
The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 6.62% for the week ending January 4, according to Freddie Mac.  




Let the Staircase Set the Stage for Style

The staircase is often a focal point in a home, but also the last on the priority list when it comes to design or remodeling. However, prioritizing the staircase can set the tone for the rest of the design. 




How to Fix a Room When the Paint Color is All Wrong

When it comes to economical ways to transform a room—or an entire house—you cannot beat paint. If you’re reasonably capable, you can DIY a paint job for a small amount of money and in a relatively short amount of time, and that new color on the walls can have a dramatic effect on a space. 




Can You Afford That House? 6 Easy Ways to Find Out

How dreamy would it be to buy a home with a pool? Before the dream becomes reality, add up the costs of pool maintenance and servicing, energy, and insurance (along with liability if you have small children) and you may be better off heading to the neighborhood swimming hole. 




10 Horrifying Home Design Trends: 2023 Edition

The “blobby” home trend—also dubbed the “blobject”—has ushered in amoeba-like shapes in décor and furnishings, including curvy tables, wavy mirrors, plump furnishings and mushroom-like lamps.




Outdoor Kitchens on a Budget: Affordable Ideas for Year-Round Use

A weatherproof design and durable materials make for an affordable outdoor kitchen you’ll use most of the year.....




19 home update ideas that can be completed in a weekend

Often we dream of those huge home transformation ideas, that we would love to execute but never seem to have the time or budget. However, this doesn't mean you shouldn't make some changes around the house - interior design is not all or nothing!....





If you’ve binged everything on TV and Netflix, chances are you’re looking for other ways to keep yourself – and everyone in your family – entertained. We’ve put together a list of both educational and fun activities you can all enjoy together....




Popcorn ceilings may have been all the rage back in the day, but now they're just an outdated eyesore that can be hard to clean and even harder to remove. The popcorn ceiling had its heyday, so if you still have one lurking above your head, it might be time to take it down.....




Small Backyard Ideas to Make Your Cramped Outdoor Space Feel Like Versailles

Don't think of your microscopic yard as a curse. So what if it's technically a small concrete slab that baaarely accommodates a half-sized Weber grill? Or if your flagstone patio is just big enough for you, a lounge chair, and a good book? Your tiny outdoor spot is actually an opportunity to get creative....




How to Get Your House Ready for Back to School

A real yard. Closets bigger than your average microwave. The freedom to decorate however you darn well please! Making the switch from renting to owning is exhilarating, but many rookie home buyers find the process trickier to navigate than they expected....




4 Trends That Predict the Home of Tomorrow

The home of tomorrow isn’t about Jetson-esque wonders and smartphone apps. It’s about home value, natural resources, and our lifestyles...




Buy Your First Home in One Year: A Step-by-Step Guide

A real yard. Closets bigger than your average microwave. The freedom to decorate however you darn well please! Making the switch from renting to owning is exhilarating, but many rookie home buyers find the process trickier to navigate than they expected...




5 Surprising (and Useful!) Ways to Save for a Down Payment

Buying your first home conjures up all kinds of warm and fuzzy emotions: pride, joy, contentment. But before you get to the good stuff, you've got to cobble together a down payment, a daunting sum if you follow the textbook advice to squirrel away 20% of a home's cost..




The Importance of a Good Floor Plan

Measure twice, cut once. Even better, measure thrice. the importance of thorough pre-planning before committing to an irreversible outcome cannot be overstated...




Multigenerational Living

Historically, and in some cultures, multi-generational homes were the standard. As traveling became more commonplace and work opportunities expanded...




Everything You Need to Know About the Pre-Approval Process

You've probably heard of the “pre-approval process,” but many people don't know or fully understand what it actually means. I’m excited to chat with you guys about this process and answer some frequently asked questions! ........




7 Benefits of Buying a Home

Interest rates sure do get a lot of attention. But they shouldn’t be the only part of your home buying decision-making process. After all, the answer to the question "is right now a good time to buy a house" boils down to whether the time is right for you: To start your new chapter. To invest in what makes you happy. Interest rates don’t negate the benefits of buying a home. Unlike that other big-ticket purchase — a car — home value doesn’t take a nose dive once you get the keys. Quite the opposite..........




How to Shop Around for a Mortgage Loan

Whether you’re shopping for new bed sheets or a new car, the drill is usually the same. Hit the reviews, check with friends, and scope out the best deal. After all, who wants to buy a car that racks up repair bills right away? Yet when picking a mortgage loan, borrowers don’t always think about comparison shopping..........




Nearly Half of Home Sellers Are Now Giving Concessions to Buyers to Close the Sale

It’s a very different housing market than it was two years ago. While it was common during the pandemic for desperate homebuyers to bid well above asking price and bend over backwards to meet demands from sellers to land a house, the tables have now turned..........




It's a Buyer's Market. So Why Aren't More People Buying Homes Right Now?

The housing market is coming out of its slumber, at least a little. But plenty of would-be buyers who can afford a home are still opting to hit the snooze button on buying – or skipping the idea for good.........



4 Tasks That Veteran Homeowners Know You Gotta Do in March

It's that time of year when homeowners who've been through a few winters know that to be at the top of their game, they have to be proactive. Here are four things they always do:........




Are you thinking of ways to transform your old bathroom into a modern bathroom? Are you unsure with where to start looking for these modern bathroom ideas? Here at Bella Bathrooms, we’ve got you covered!........



7 work-from-home office set up secrets

Working from home? Hey, me too!
Okay, I guess working from home isn’t so novel anymore. Today, millions of professionals live where they work and work where they live. ........



Design Features Homeowners Will Want in 2023

Despite inflation woes, the latest data points indicate that the overwhelming majority of homeowners will continue with their plans to renovate in 2023........



Dealing with the financial pressures of Christmas

Buying gifts for our loved ones and getting the house ready for Christmas is part of the festive holiday cheer. And yet, millions of UK households experience holiday shopping as a source of stress rather than enjoyment. For them, the Christmas spirit is more about pressure and anxiety instead of calm and peace of mind.......



3 Christmas Tree Themes to Inspire Your Holiday Decorating

What will your Christmas tree look like this year? If you change clothing or decor styles regularly - or if you put up multiple Christmas trees - you may be seeking some Christmas tree design inspiration. You could choose a color theme, like......



How to Make Your Christmas Tree Pet Friendly

If you have a pet, decorating for the holidays can be tricky, especially when it comes to setting up your Christmas tree. The large new object in the house will be the focus of their curiosity and attention, so pet owners should know how to keep their pet safe and the tree intact throughout the season......



7 Household Expenses You’re Probably Wasting Your Money On

They were this gorgeous, greenish-teal, and they looked great in my laundry room," says Eliesa Prettelt, avid DIYer and author of "A Pinterest Addict" blog.....



Can You Afford That House? 6 Easy Ways to Find Out

If you’re considering purchasing a home, you’ve likely already considered how much you have available for a down payment, what an ideal mortgage payment would be....



What is a Duplex Apartment?

Duplex apartments combine the convenience of an apartment and the privacy of a traditional house.....



5 Best Home Repairs for House Fix and Flips

When prepping a new fix and flip project, you must consider the most cost effective improvements to make on a property....



8 Best Renters Insurance of 2022

Renters insurance — also known as an HO-4 policy — is a homeowner’s insurance policy that protects a renter’s personal belongings against theft, fire, certain natural disasters and other perils...



Blog: 5 Smart Strategies to Deal With Inflation

If you feel like you have been paying more for everything lately, you are not alone. Inflation has soared over the past year. At 7.5% for the main inflation index, this is a 40-year high. Consumers are seeing their purchasing power erode. Many economists are split on how long the inflation will last. We are going to discuss five strategies that you can implement to help you curb the effects of inflation.



Moving Checklist

Moving can be stressful - even if it’s just across town. To help you stay on track before and during your move, we’ve compiled this moving checklist complete with tips and tricks for a seamless transition. Enjoy our moving checklist below!



Consider these crucial tips when choosing bathroom tiles

“It’s the tiny details that matter,” as the adage goes. “It’s the little things that lead to huge things.” This seems to be a suitable quotation to highlight the critical function that bathroom tiles play in creating your ideal bathroom. Tiles are the foundation of your toilet design and join together to create a unified whole that gives your bathroom its flair.



How to Remodel a Small Bathroom on a Budget

When you have a tiny bathroom, the bad news is… well, it’s tiny. But the good news is that a small bathroom remodel on a budget is totally possible, and can transform the space into something delightful. No matter your design style, there is a solution that will make even the smallest bathroom look bigger and charming.



Fresh Start: Things to Do After Moving into Your New Home

Remember the younger days, when our youth was supposed to bring us into excitement and thrill once our family moved into a house and lot for sale. And now is the right time to move on by ourselves independently.



Mistakes People Make When Moving Furniture

There are so many different things to think about when you’re moving house and how you’re going to get all of your belongings to your new home is one of them. Lots of people will spend a long time packing their belongings into boxes and ensuring everything is ready for moving day, however, they won’t think much about how they’re going to move their furniture.



Tips For Planning A Last-Minute House Move

Whilst commonly, homeowners will know about their move quite far in advance and they will have plenty of time to prepare for moving day, this isn’t always the case. There are some scenarios where you may only have a couple of weeks or even a few days’ notice to pack up your belongings and get ready to move house.



Is Now a Good Time to Refinance Your Mortgage?

Deciding whether or not to refinance a mortgage can be stressful, especially when interest rates are on the rise. While many homeowners may have already missed out on the chance to refinance to a lower rate, others could still benefit from a refi today. Nearly 1 million owners would be able to reduce their current interest rates by at least 0.75 percentage points, according to mortgage analytics company Black Knight. These homeowners could save an average of $316 per month, equal to $3,729 per year.



How to Avoid Predatory Lending: A Practical Guide for Financial Consumers

Knowing what’s a good deal and what’s not with personal loans is challenging. Predatory lending takes advantage of this by offering tempting deals that wind up being too good to be true. So it’s essential to know what to look for to avoid becoming a victim.
This guide will provide you with practical tips for avoiding predatory lenders and advice to protect yourself from their various schemes. keeping your home well-organized.



8 Super-Neat-and-Tidy Bathroom Organization Ideas

Ahhhh … imagine a soothing bathroom. These organization tips can get you there.
There's a certain sense of calm and satisfaction that comes from keeping your home well-organized.



A 10-Point Checklist All First-Time Homebuyers Should Follow

You’ve checked listings, scouted your favorite neighborhoods, compared market prices and even picked the perfect shade of blue for your future kitchen. It’s safe to say you’re ready to become a homeowner.


Staging Your Home: How to Make Buyers Fall in Love

As restrictions related to COVID-19 continue to fluctuate, the National Association of REALTORS® is encouraging virtual home showings, regardless of whether in-person showings are allowed by states or local communities.


5 Signs the Housing Market Is Finally Cooling Down

Talk about a turnaround: After two years of extreme bidding wars, packed open houses and sky-high prices, the housing market is finally starting to cool off.


5 Ways to Keep Severe Weather from Doing a Number on Your Yard

Contrary to what many may believe, severe weather doesn’t just beat up on the other guy. Mother Nature can wallop anyone’s home and yard.


A Financial Plan for Your Home

Do you pay each home-related expense as it comes? If so, you’re missing opportunities for upgrades, or much worse, heading into a financial crisis when a slew of surprise maintenance items hit. So take a holistic look at what it costs to operate your house and set up a home financial plan.


Freddie Mac: Mortgage Rate Climb Has 'Finally Paused

Mortgage rates took a break from their steady upward climb this week. The 30-year fixed-rate mortgage is averaging 5.70% for the week ending June 30, according to Freddie Mac's benchmark rate survey.


Experts Explain What to do with 15 Minutes of Free Time

We've never been more connected as a society than we are now. With that comes a lot of upsides, like always being in the loop on the lives of your loved ones or knowing exactly what friends are doing at any given second. That being said, there are some downsides to constant connection, as well. One of them is less free time. So, it's important to make the most of the limited downtime you have to yourself.


Why Financial Success For Women Matters

As women, financial success is more important than ever. When you control your money, you have financial freedom and the ability to work towards the future you desire. Financial success enables you to have independence and helps you prepare for unexpected events.


Money-Saving Tips For Tenants: 25 Ways to Save Your Budget

We’ve all been students and we all know how tough is it to get those dollars on your first job. Being tired of spending too much money on your current place may be the reason for you to limit your budget and start looking for the ways to cut your spendings.


How customers typically cope with inflation

We hoped recent inflation was going to be a temporary phenomenon. When you listen to news on TV it appears everything is going up in price. Unfortunately, the average consumer is likely not experiencing a similar increase in their income. They need to make ends meet. How do they do it?


How to Create The Most Zen Garden

Zen is a popular school of Buddhism. An excellent illustration of Zen Buddhism is the rock garden, which is known as the Zen Garden.


8 Ways to Usher in the Start of Spring

The Spring Equinox — aka the official start of spring — took place at 6:28 AM on March 20th. About an hour later I slipped on my snow boots and winter coat before heading to the office, so it didn't exactly feel like spring to me.


The benefits of a new home with an open-concept floor plan

Open-concept homes eliminate the restrictions of a highly structured living space by giving you the ability to customize based on your own unique style and needs. All the while, you can enjoy a living area that is spacious, airy and connected. Houses with open floor plans have exploded in popularity during recent years, and with good reason.


How to Update Your 1990s-era Kitchen

The 1990s doesn’t seem too far in the past. But the home styles of that decade were distinct and didn’t exactly land in the “timeless” category. Ultra-earthy tones, oak cabinets, and more were everywhere. If you’ve got a kitchen that was finished in the heyday of that time period, you’re probably dying for an update.


How to Prevent (Home) Buyer’s Remorse

When you’re house hunting, the pressure of competition can move you from “Hmm, I like that, but it’s too pricey,” to “I have to have that!” You think, so what if paying for this house will put me way over budget? I can cut back somewhere else, right? But that kind of thinking can get you into trouble. Trouble that’s totally avoidable.


How to Furnish Your Home on a Budget

Whether you recently moved into a new house or are making a few updates to your existing space, it’s no secret that furnishing a home can be expensive. From buying dining furniture to lounge furniture to bedroom furniture, it’s not exactly a surprise that the costs can add up quickly—and that’s not to mention the cost of all the decor pieces that will fill the nooks and crannies. Yeah… it’s a lot.


3 Foolproof Budgeting Strategies To Save Money In 2022

While ‘budgeting’ can be synonymous with ‘boring’ or ‘restrictive’, we think it’s about time we reclaimed the phrase. When done in alignment with your core values, a budget isn’t actually about arbitrary rules. In fact, it’s about the exact opposite, freedom! By spending less on the things that don’t matter to you, you can build more of a financial surplus for the things that do.


10 Ways to Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Spa

Ahhh, the spa. It’s been too long since most of us could go to a real spa (thanks, COVID). We miss the luxury of a hot tub soak and the power of sauna and steam rooms to align our body and spirit. So, we’re doing the next best thing. We're remodeling our bathrooms with spa-inspired features to get that relaxing vibe at home. Enter the spa bathroom. The trend has even inspired a new word blend: spathroom.


5 Affordable Ways to Boost Your Home's Curb Appeal Before You Sell

Even in today’s low-inventory housing market, a buyer’s first impressions of a home matters. Of course, home sellers only get one crack at making a great first impression, and it boils down to one thing: curb appeal.


5 Easy Ways to Make Your Old Home Feel New

Homeowners are staying put longer than they did in the past. The typical homeowner now spends about 13 years in their home, up from roughly 10 years a decade ago, according to a Redfin study. Homeownership tenure is especially long in California — Los Angeles homeowners hold onto their homes for a median of 18.1 years, up from 13.6 years in 2012.


How to Remove Limescale from a Shower Head

There’s nothing like mineral buildup on your shower head to make the thought of a nice, hot shower less appealing. No matter how pristine you keep the rest of the bathroom, those pesky white patches make the shower look shabby. Learn how to remove limescale from a shower head so you can enjoy taking a shower again.


21 quick and safe DIY cleaning hacks

Get more done around the house with ingredients in your fridge, pantry and medicine cabinet.


24 Genius Gardening Hacks You’ll Be Glad You Know

This collection of gardening and landscaping handy hints will give you effective new techniques to get the beautiful garden and backyard you’ve always wanted.


8 Best Mortgage Lenders of January 2022

A mortgage is one of the largest loans you’ll ever take out. Since, in most cases, you'll be paying it for decades, securing a low interest rate can save you tens of thousands of dollars.


4 Things to Do in February to Avoid a Yucky Spring

That dark time when winter just won't go is like that friend who can't take a hint to leave. Give a push with these four easy tasks that'll help usher in spring.


What to Know About Your Credit Before Buying a Home

Like it or not, your credit score is one of the most important numbers in your life, ranking up there with your Social Security number, date of birth, and wedding anniversary. This three-digit number is your financial report card, except there’s no getting rid of it after college.


45 Space Saving Hacks to Make a Small Bedroom Feel Bigger

Saving some space in small bedrooms while making it look organized is a tricky task. Cluttering happens in any home of any size, but it is ridiculously tedious to sort in a small room. Luckily, there are plenty of ways of being creative and making the best use of empty spaces.


How to Check for Flood Risk During Home Buying

You’ve found the perfect home — sunny kitchen, the right number of bathrooms, and a big, beautiful yard. And then someone mentions a case of flooding in the area — far from any major body of water. You start wondering, Could my dream home be at risk for flood damage?


5 Tasks Every Homeowner Should Do in January

Start looking for that contractor NOW if you want your project done by summer’s end.


How to Choose the Correct Area Rug Size

Choosing the size of an area rug doesn’t have to be hard. You’ll find a lot of different advice and opinions about what size rug to use out there in the Googleverse, so I’ve narrowed it down to just a couple of simple options for each room. No matter what furniture arrangement you are working with, the same basic principles can be applied. Here is how to choose the correct area rug size for any space as well as my favourite sources for beautiful, affordable area rugs.


4 Easy-Peasy Must-Do’s for Homeowners in December

Two great reasons to clean your light bulbs: You want as much light in your house as you can get as the days grow shorter, and, you'll save money.


Four Reasons to be thankful for your pet

The Thanksgiving holiday is all about spending time with the ones we love and appreciating what we have. For many of us, this appreciation extends to our four-legged friends. As you reflect on what your pet means to you this holiday, we’ve compiled a list of four reasons we are incredibly thankful for our pets.


Thanksgiving in Your New home

For many people, Thanksgiving is something to look forward to all year long! The family meal, the football, the endless servings of pie… So if you find yourself moving during the holiday season, missing out on all the usual traditions can put a major rain cloud over the Turkey Day fun. We’ve put together some tips on how to celebrate your first Thanksgiving in your new home without turning into a frantic, crazy person trying to do everything. Fret not, it can be done!


4 Signs the Hot Housing Market Is Finally Starting to Cool

This year’s housing market has been high-stakes. Prices skyrocketed, bidding wars were rampant and, thanks to remote work, demand was strong in virtually every market across the U.S. It was a challenging landscape for buyers, to say the least.


These Hues Are Some of the Most Popular Colors of the Year of All Time

In 2000, Pantone set a precedent when it announced for the first time its "Color of the Year:" Cerulean blue. Since that first announcement, legacy paint brands have joined Pantone in selecting their own Colors of the Year, ultimately setting (or reflecting) trends for the coming year and creating a sort of recorded palette of the last two decades.


12 Ways To Make Your Home the Coziest Ever This Fall

Labor day has come and gone, which means the unofficial start of fall is upon us. And what, you may ask, is the pinnacle of the fall season? Thanksgiving, of course. If you’re a planner, you're probably already in menu planning mode (because it's never too early), mapping out your tablescape in your head, taking stock of your mismatched dinnerware, and getting ready to clean every corner of your home (because now's as good a time as any).



Although cacti and succulents are still a go-to option for a headache-free greening of your work space, you can easily introduce leafy green plants at your desk, given that you choose among those which don’t require a lot of maintenance.


How To Stay Healthy while living in a confined space

It's not easy staying healthy when you live in a confined space. The challenge to maintain your health and wellness becomes that much more difficult when you're not even allowed to leave your apartment.


22 Relaxing Activities You can still do during a Pandemic

Life has returned to normal. Sort of. Pro sports are back. Kind of. And the stress of the last couple of months has finally subsided. OK, that's not the least bit true. But we're all doing the best we can to play the hand that 2020 dealt us.


How to Host a Virtual Holiday

Late fall and winter holidays have always helped carry us through the darker, colder days. This year, it may be even more important to celebrate together, and a virtual holiday dinner may be just the thing to help bring light to the darkest days.


How to Achieve a Zero-Waste Kitchen in a Rental

From reusable water bottles to in-home compost bins, it's easy to find ways to pursue zero-waste alternatives in your kitchen. You don't need to have your own house, either! It's possible to exist sustainably wherever you live — as long as you can be a little creative!


How to Measure the Square Footage of a House or Apartment

When you find the perfect place to rent in your chosen neighborhood that's also within your budget, you probably aren't wondering whether the square footage in the listing is accurate. However, that calculation is one of the most important factors when evaluating a property's value. After all, if your rent is based on 1,200 square feet, you have the right to get what you're paying for, right?


5 Steps to Grow an Indoor Spice Garden

The benefits of an indoor spice garden


How To Create A Plant Loving Home



How Much Time Do You Need To Save for a Down Payment?

One of the biggest hurdles homebuyers face is saving for a down payment. As you’re budgeting and planning for your home purchase, you’ll want to understand how much you’ll need to put down and how long it will take you to get there. The process may actually move faster than you think.


15 Home Improvement Ideas To Tackle In 2021

2021 is the perfect time to brush up on your hobbies, and home improvement is no exception. With a little creativity and effort, you can turn your house into a home in no time at all.


Weekend home improvement projects

Home improvement projects ramp up when the weather warms up, as homeowners channel the rejuvenating feelings of spring and tackle their home to-do lists.


Rent vs. Buy: How to Decide What’s Best for You

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, median rent continues to rise. With today’s low mortgage rates, there’s great opportunity for current renters to make a move into homeownership that stretches each dollar a little bit further.


The Best Floor to Live On in an Apartment Building

When searching for apartments, there's always so much to consider — location, price, proximity to parking or public transportation, closet space — all of which are hugely important when finding that perfect place to live.


The Best Home Renovation Apps of 2021

The Best Home Renovation Apps of 2021


How Top Real Estate Professionals are Responding to COVID-19

How Top Real Estate Professionals are Responding to COVID-19


5 trends Covid-19 has brought on in the real estate industry

5 trends Covid-19 has brought on in the real estate industry


REALTORS® Believe Fairness Is Worth Fighting For

REALTORS® Believe Fairness Is Worth Fighting For


How to Clean Your Dryer Vent: 9 Mistakes to Avoid

Dryer fires are a real and very scary hazard, and they most often originate in the metal tube between your dryer and the wall. That's what you need to clean out. Plus it will help your dryer last longer and run more efficiently. Cleaning a dryer vent goes way beyond wiping off the lint filter between loads. And if you don't do it, your house could catch fire. Just avoid these dangerous mistakes while cleaning out your dryer vent:


5 Clever Closet Conversions

Want more living space without adding on? One of your closets may be just the extra square footage you’re looking for.


Pikas Best of Guam 2020

Pikas Best of Guam 2020


8 Lesser-Known Fees That Factor Into the True Cost of Home Buying

With your focus on building your down payment fund and figuring out what your mortgage payment will be, it’s easy to overlook some of the smaller fees that come along with a home purchase. Here are eight and what they could cost you.


5 Questions To Ask When Buying A House

Home buying seems simple enough: Find a house you like that’s close to work or school, tell someone you want to buy it, and move in.


5 Surprising (and Useful!) Ways to Save for a Down Payment

One of the biggest misconceptions of home buying? The 20% down payment. Here’s how to buy with a lot less down.


Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

Oh, cabinets. They're just one part of your kitchen, but they have a huge impact. No matter how chic your new appliances or furniture may be, worn or outdated cabinets can ensure your kitchen looks . . . dumpy. But before you scramble to the showroom, have you checked out the cost of brand new cabinetry these days? (At least several thousand dollars for low-end -- and the price of a car for custom!) Who has the time for such a big project anyway?


You Only Think It’s True: 10 Myths Costing You Time and Money

You can't swing a tool belt without hitting a website or TV network offering tips on taking care of your digs. Save money by watering your lawn at night! No, water it in the morning! No, dig it up and replace it with a drought-hardy meadow!



With the worldwide pandemic, there is enough to worry about in regards to our safety and livelihood — the last thing individuals and communities need to be concerned about are scammers trying to con their way into lives and wallets using the fear of the coronavirus as their “in”.


5 Tips for Moving During COVID-19

Amid travel bans, widespread stay-at-home orders and social-distancing mandates, millions of Americans have adapted to the changes brought about by COVID-19. Countless events have been rescheduled or cancelled, but for a few people — including those who already made plans to move — staying put is simply not an option.


7 Things to Never, Ever Do When Buying a Home

Buying a home is exciting and terrifying. After all, this is the biggest financial move most people ever make. As such, there's a lot of room for error, and even tiny mistakes can translate to tens of thousands of dollars.


Ridiculously Easy DIY Disinfectant Wipes You Can Make at Home

Toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and face masks aren’t the only things in short supply right now. Disinfectant wipes for sanitizing the surfaces of your home—and your hands—have also been harder and harder to get these past few weeks.


Keeping Germs at the Front Door

Le Corbusier’s fixation on modernity and cleanliness is trending as designers reimagine residential life post-Covid. His maxim “A house is a machine for living in,” is particularly apt now.


7 Easy Ways To Turn Your Backyard Into Paradise While Sheltering in Place

According to a recent survey by Wayfair on what its millions of customers are searching for, it’s all about making outdoor spaces more comfy.


6 Easy DIY Projects To Give Your Laundry Room Some Love During Quarantine

In this era of COVID-19, you’re probably doing more laundry than ever before. So why not make your laundry room a brighter and better space to spend time in?


Mortgage FAQ: Essential Answers to All Your Questions About Home Loans in the Coronavirus Era

It depends on the comparison. Mortgage rates are down from a year ago, but up from a few weeks ago. It's unclear whether they'll be headed down again.

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