45 Space Saving Hacks to Make a Small Bedroom Feel Bigger

Saving some space in small bedrooms while making it look organized is a tricky task. Cluttering happens in any home of any size, but it is ridiculously tedious to sort in a small room. Luckily, there are plenty of ways of being creative and making the best use of empty spaces. You can revamp furniture, utilize lost spaces, and introduce items to maximize usage. Here are some hacks you can utilize to make your small bedrooms appear bigger and enhance the beauty of your home décor.

Increase Closet Space With Crates

Installing crates can increase space in your closet. It is also known as a crate closet. Using this hack, you can stack more stuff vertically. It is a comparatively inexpensive way to revamp your bedroom.

If you like, you can create your own wooden crates using a few simple tools. You can also make these crates removable so that you can customize it in your own way.

Make Use of “Bed-Shelves”

This is a clever hack for a small bedroom. You can build bed frames at the side and store stuff there. We call them "bed-shelves," which is a built-in shelf right underneath the bed.

In this way, you can maximize the usage of space. Store your blankets, pillows, or even clothes. This idea works if you prefer a slightly elevated bed from the floor, giving ample space to carve out shelves.

Valance Holder or Scarf Hanger?

Storing scarves in a small bedroom closet is nothing short of a nightmare. They are difficult to keep folded inside a closet drawer and tend to get tangled. In this case, make the best use of a valance holder.

These are simple knobs where you can hang any cloth items like scarves. You can glue them to the closet door or the bedroom door. Scarf hangers also work as a décor item, increasing the beauty of your bedroom.

Flip-Up Beds With Storage Underneath

Beds take up a lot of space in a bedroom, so a lot of hacks are focused on how to utilize the lost space. Flip-up beds are one of those smart ways to retrieve some negative space. Think of them as storage cupboards, but in large size.

You can flip them up and down. There are storage spaces just under the top flip-cover where you can store anything. However, flip-up beds differ from Murphy beds, as the latter once does not have storage boxes underneath.

Ladder Bookshelf

Why not arrange your favorite books with some vases, pots and other decoration pieces on a nicely painted ladder? Decorating bookshelves in this way can make them look prettier while also saving some space. In our opinion, this is a great way of decorating your house and making it look aesthetically pleasing.

We would definitely love spending several hours sitting on that cozy chair and reading a book or two in front of that beautiful ladder bookshelf.

Laundry Bag

For those of you who are not familiar with what this is, it is a laundry bag. This laundry bag can hold all your wet clothes straight from the washer and you can store them there until you dry them. The bag is ultra-portable, unlike other types of laundry bags, so you save space too.

The bag prevents water dripping from wet clothes, so you don’t have to worry about wet floors from your laundry. You can create one for yourself easily!

Table Foot Electric Socket

This one is a bit strange to some people and very innovative for others. The electric socket is attached and set up with the foot of the table.

This table is pretty much stuck to the ground and you can use these sockets to power your laptop, charge your phone, and other stuff while you sit in front of the table and work. This is pretty convenient as this is attached to a desk, unlike most sockets that are attached to the wall.

Simple Clothing Racks

If you don't have open-door closets and a small bedroom, it can be a pain to take out the usual clothes every day. Most of the cluttering takes place while getting clothes out from a closet in a hurry. Try getting a clothing rack to stay organized.

If you are a fan of Bohemian décor style, these racks would be a way of adding a boho touch to your bedroom. These racks have some space underneath where you can keep storage baskets or office bags.

Cable Organizing Chamber

This hack can help you organize your cables much better. You could make a chamber inside your desk with slits for the cables to come out from. The cables would be connected to a socket behind your desk, so it stays concealed.

Say goodbye to cluttered wires and cables that are all over the place. This hack will hide all the cluttered cables and keep only the necessary parts outside for use.

Include Drawer Spaces Under Bed

If open shelves under the bed are not your thing, try this drawer under the bed hack. Save up the space occupied by a closet and use the drawers under the bed to store your clothes. Measure the height and width of your bed and install the drawers.

They can be made from plastics or wood. Aside from storing clothes, you can store the most obnoxious item- luggage! Even better if you can retrofit luggage in these drawer spaces and store winter clothes.

Stay Organized With Bedside Station

Have you ever found yourself weirdly draped in charging cables or broke your cell phone because there is not enough place? If yes, then bedside stations are a must hack for you. Often in small bedrooms, it isn't easy to include space for bed-side tables or headboards.

These stations are like small shelves, only allowing you to store your phone and cables. If you love journaling before sleeping, buy a station with space for also stacking up a small notebook and pen.

Designed Makeup Palette

Make up is an art on its own. What if we told you, you could organize your makeup accessories like a work of art as well? You will have to get a steel board and decorate it to look like a framed painting.

Attach small magnets to your make up kits and attach them to the frame, kind of like fridge magnets. You can also attach magnets to brush containers and attach those to the frame too. It’ll look like one big 3D painting.

Wall Desk

If you think you do not need too much space on your desk, instead of buying a large desk that occupies too much space in your room, get a wall-mounted desk.

You just have to attach a tabletop onto your desired wall and attach it to a wall-mount and then screw it into the wall. This way, you will have enough space on your table while saving space in your room.

Rolling Wire Basket

At a loss on what to do with extra blankets and pillows? There is hardly any room to store blankets, especially in a small room. A rolling wire basket can be your friend in this case. These are usually wide enough and rectangular.

They fit easily under the bed or at a corner of the room. Due to the rollers, you can keep them anywhere you like and also keep more than just cushions and blankets.

Stack in Wooden Crate Baskets

Wooden crate baskets can be used to store loose items strewn here and there. This is an amazing way to save up some floor space. Crate boxes come in different shapes and designs. If chosen correctly, they become great décor items.

You can stack toys, shoes, and books inside these crate boxes and place them anywhere in the room, preferably the corners. Some crate boxes come with lids, making them suitable as small side tables.

Curate Wooden Book Ledges

Small space can be a pain if you are a bookworm. There is never enough space to store books. However, there are hacks to overcome this limitation. Ditch the cumbersome and space-eating bookcases and set up a book ledge.

Book ledges are usually made out of wood and can be placed anywhere in the wall. You can set multiple ledges vertically and store books there. Book ledges end up looking even better than a bookcase does and often curated at the corner to save space.

Get Creative With Pretty Pegboards

Pegboards can be a great way to adjust small spaces creatively. These can be made of metal or wood and are usually perforated to install hooks or hangers. You can hang the necessary things here and save space. The best thing about these pegboards is that you can DIY it in your way.

They can be attached with the closet back door and store small clothing items such as socks or scarves. Or, you can attach decor items as well to enhance the beauty of your room.

Hanging Wooden Slab Side Table

Why spend so much money on well-crafted furniture when you can take a chunk of wood, sand it and smoothen a little and use it as a hanging side table? This requires lower efforts than crafting a proper table would and costs you way less.

All you need is a big piece of wood, cut it to a circular structure, sand it, and smoothen it a little, and then hang it from the ceiling using steel wire ropes. You can keep vases, books, and decorative pieces on it.

Rolling Clothes in a Basket

Rolling clothes is always more convenient than folding them. Moreover, the best part about this is that you actually save much more space when you roll your clothes in comparison to when you fold them.

So, roll up all your tees, tops, pants, and everything else, and put them in these cute baskets to organize them. You will be saving more space than you think and you might actually like the way they look.

Plastic Crates for Cleaning Clutter

Are your floors cluttered with toys and LEGOs? If you have kids at home, this is the biggest headache to sort in a small space. Consider installing plastic crates to make some extra space and declutter your home. You can set them high up the walls and stack toys there.

This is a nifty hack for a small bedroom to store small kinds of stuff. Plastic crates can come in different shapes and colors, so make sure to experiment with it and match your bedroom walls.

Cabinet Inside a Bench

This one is an amazing hack to reduce clutters in files and folders in your house. You are able to organize your folders in a hidden cabinet inside a bench. The seat of the bench works as the door of the cabinet.

Inside there are necessary compartments and partitions to help you organize your stuff! This hack is perfect for those who have a tough time keeping files and folders in order. You can organize them while saving space in your house.

Staircase Closets Saves Space

Imagine how much space can be saved if you could use the space occupied by the staircases. Cupboards under the stairs are a common space hack in many homes. You can take it up a notch by installing a chest of drawers instead.

Store clothes in these drawers and eliminate large closets eating up all the empty spaces in the bedroom. There is no need to install an extra shelf if you have a staircase closet.

Hanging Shoe Shelf

How about you hang your shoes on a hanging shoe shelf? As bizarre as it sounds, this is actually a pretty useful hack that can save you space.

If you have some space on your wall that isn’t spacious enough for a whole cupboard to fit, attach plastic hanging shelves to the wall. Then you can hang all your shoes on that hanger rod. This not only saves space and money but it looks rather nice!

Stacking Towels

This one is a bit of a no-brainer. Instead of hanging towels separately, how about stacking them on top of one another? Hang the largest towel directly on the towel hanger, then stack the other small towels on top of each other.

This allows you to save space while remaining highly organized and it even looks appealing to the eye. Nicely stacked towels on the hanger would not only keep your towel hanger clutter-free but also make you feel better about how pretty it looks.

Bedroom Cart

Why not use a cart for keeping stuff in a bedroom? You can use these carts as side tables beside your bed or even beside your mirror as a dressing table and keep your combs, brushes, skincare products, makeup, etc.

The best part about this hack is that you can use this cart in any way you like. As it has wheels at the bottom, you can move it around if required.

Turn Trunks Into Coffee Table

Have old trunks that you're planning to sell? You might reconsider and use them as coffee tables. Modern home décor styles are all about this hack, be it minimalist style or Boho style. Having trunks is no longer a woeful experience; you can store stuff and score a vintage coffee table.

You can customize these trunks by making them colorful or refurbish the texture to fit an older age antique look. Don't restrict them as coffee tables only; you can use them as a nightstand or dressing table placed at the corner.

Organize Jewelry With Thread Racks

Even in small homes, you can end up losing jewelry. They may end up in the nooks and crannies of your closet space without even noticing. A great solution for this can be a thread rack. These racks are usually made of wood and are flexible to set up anywhere.

You can attach them to a wall or inside of your closet rack. A thread rack right beside the mirror or dressing table creates an amazing look for your bedroom.

Make Belt Racks Stylish

Strewn belts lying haphazardly over the bed is a nightmarish scene of every small bedroom. Keep the belts organized with a stylish belt organizer. You don't need any fancy shelf or crate for this hack.

All you need is a hanger with garment hooks, to hang your belts. Place the hanger at your back door or inside your closet. Choose the color of your hanger carefully to match the overall décor.

Vertically Arranging Clothes by Folding

Folding and arranging clothes can be a hassle sometimes. This hack is particularly for the lazy people who usually stack their clothes on top of that one chair.

You still keep your clothes inside the drawer, but you arrange them vertically instead of horizontally. This can actually save way more space than putting them folded on top of each other. You can fit more clothes inside your drawer by using this hack!

Convertible Bed

Don’t you just love things that are convertible? The concept of being able to use one object in multiple ways always amuses us. This cupboard has a table and bed inside it which you can take out when necessary, and then put them back in the cupboard just by folding them.

This is convenient at its peak! If you want this level of convenience and save this much room, get a cupboard like this.

Door Bag/Hat Hanger

Similar to the door coat hanger we talked about earlier, you can use a hat/bag hanger behind your door. This makes organizing your bags and hats much easier. You can just grab your stuff from the hanger behind the door and head out hassle-free.

These door mount hat hangers look pretty nice as well, so it will make your room look better too! Use this hack to organize your bags and hats more conveniently.

Put a Boot Hanger

Boots can get scrunched up ruined if you store them under heaps of clothes. If you hate to see your prized items get ruined like this, consider setting up storage space for your boots. It might seem like using extra space, but if you use wall-mounted hangers, it boosts up your décor while saving space.

Just use small hangers attaching the boots and hang them in open shelved closets and you're done saving the boots from a disaster.

Boho-Style Wicker Baskets

Wicker baskets are often used in Boho home decor and are a great hack for small bedrooms too. You can use these baskets for storing pillowcases and blankets or use them to store newspapers and books and save some tablespaces.

Wicker baskets have a woven texture and they last a long time. These are also great as pet baskets so that you can use them for multiple purposes.

Make the Most of Your Door Organizers

Are you running out of space to keep your books or keys? Door organizers can be your savior. You can buy a door organizer or make one for yourself. Usually made of woven cotton, bamboo, or wickers; these organizers have pockets where you can keep your notebooks, keys, specs - basically anything you need frequently.

These are flexible and stylish; hence you can hang it beside the bed or anywhere on the wall. They come in funky colors and designs; a bonus for bedroom décor.

Clothing Hanger That Is Also a Mirror

How about we make your process of getting ready much faster and more convenient? This bedroom hack will surely catch your attention. This mirror that is also a clothes hanger allows you to hang your favorite shirts and try them on to see in the mirror on the go.

It is very hassle-free and saves not only time but also money. This mirror costs far less than a full-sized cupboard. This is why we love this hack so much.

Upgrade With This Jewellery Hanger

You can also go with a jewelry hanger instead of a thread rack or just use both. There are many rustic jewelry hangers in Amazon and Etsy but you can always carve one out by yourself. You can go with a plastic hanger or go with farmhouse wooden ones.

Instead of stacking it up inside a tiny jewelry box, place your necklaces, earrings, and bracelets in these hangers and mount them on the walls to maximize the usage of wall spaces.

No Storage Space? Try Crate-Shelf!

Another crate hack here. Crates are the greatest hack item for small spaces as you have realized by now. They can be used solely for clothes storage if you don't have any space for a closet. Install crate-shelves on the walls and store as many cloth items as you can.

Square shaped box crates allow you to keep cloth items separated and categorized. Crate shelves are usually removable and portable so that you can adjust them according to your need.

Bed Table

Breakfast in bed! Is that not what everyone wants in life? We do too and to make this dream come true, this hack comes to the rescue. This bed table is small and lightweight, and can be easily moved.

Therefore, you can bring it closer to you while resting on the headboard and eat stuff, or even work on your laptop by placing it on this table. For it’s portability, every household must have one of these!

Corner Wall Shelves

Setting up or designing your shelves to match the corner of your room can save you a lot of space. You can design it in a way to go with the aesthetic of your room and make it look pretty.

Setting up furniture in the corners of your room can provide you with more space at the center of the room. So, try out this hack while setting up furniture in your house.

Tools on the Wall

Modify your garage and tool shed to make it look like this. Keeping tools all over the toolshed can be pretty messy, and even if you try to organize them and put them in compartments or shelves, you might lose some room in the shed.

Instead, opt for wall hangers for your tools. Attach little holders to the wall to be able to attach your wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers, shovels, and other stuff.

Reuse Empty Cereal Boxes

If you're looking for a DIY project, plus a way to organize odds and ends, then this is the perfect hack for you. Rather than chucking those empty cereal boxes in the trash, why not upcycle them?

You can transform these boxes into the perfect storage space for magazines and other stationary supplies. In order to reinforce the cardboard, and add an extra flare, you can use washi tape — a decorative adhesive tape.

Hang Your Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning is an inevitable chore that everyone has to do, unless you're someone that enjoys living in your own filth. If you're reading this article, though, chances are that you regularly clean your house.

If you're having trouble finding a way to organize all your disinfectant and cleaning sprays, try this hack out. Make the most of your under-sink space by adding an adjustable tension pole. An inexpensive addition, you can now access these sprays and bottles in seconds!

Hang Your Mugs

Don't have enough space in your kitchen to fit everything that you absolutely want to? It may seem overwhelmingly impossible to find a space for all those mugs, but have no fear! We are here to tell you that you have options!

Simply double up on kitchen storage space by screwing unobtrusive hooks onto the underside of wall-mounted shelves. Of course, you don't only have to use these hooks to hang mugs. You can also hang large utensils and other kitchen supplies.

Shower Curtain With Pockets

Finding space in your bathroom for all those toiletries can be a huge hassle. Whether you don't have enough drawers or the cabinet is far too small, it can be a challenge to declutter all those products — until now.

With this shower curtain bathroom hack, you can free up floor and wall space. If you're not keen on buying a new shower curtain, you can also hang a water-proof shoe organizer alongside the curtain or shower door for a DIY version!

Shoe Organizer for Toys

Speaking of shoe organizers, why not try this hack? If you have a young child — or children — running around the house, then there's a good chance your home is filled with an insane amount of toys and stuffed animals.

Naturally, finding ways to organize these items can be quite stressful and tiresome. Luckily, though, this space-saving hack will change your life. If you have an empty shoe organizer lying around the house, you can always make use of it by storing all those toys in there!

Store Sheets in Pillowcases

We don't know how we've never thought of this hack, but it's quite useful. If your shelf space is limited and you're looking for ways to make room to fit more, then this may be the perfect solution for you! Bedsheets take up a lot more room than we think.

Rather than stacking them up on top of each other, why not try storing those bedsheets in their respective pillowcases? While it's an extremely simple trick, it'll certainly get the job done when it comes to making more space in your home. Plus, you'll no longer have to mix and match different sets of bedsheets!

Make Use of Your Balcony

Do you happen to have a balcony in your home that you're not really making much use of? Well, whether you believe it or not, it can be an instant space-saver!

You may need to air out those smelly sneakers or hang out that wet laundry — either way, this extension rack can take care of that, and more! Simply hang it over the balcony railing and voilà! Plus, it folds flat so you can tuck it away when you're not using it!

Ceiling Storage

At this point in the article, we can all agree that finding space in your home to store all those belongings can be quite challenging — that is unless you think outside of the box. Just look up, and you might just discover a whole new world of storage space.

Making use of ceiling space is way too underrated, and we're here to change that! All those storage boxes of miscellaneous items that are lying around in your garage can be attached to the ceiling, which then will free up a ton of floor space.

Vertical Shelves

This hack — vertical shelving — may seem quite simple but sometimes, simplicity is the key. Make the most of your small kitchen space by turning cupboard storage on its head, literally.

By switching it up and creating vertical shelving for all those utensils that you have lying around, you can fit so much more into your cupboard. You'd actually be surprised by just how much you can fit into this space! It's perfect for stacking platters, chopping boards, or even frying pans!

Attach Lids Inside Cupboard Doors

Do you find that those pan lids of yours are taking up far too much unnecessary space? Rather than setting aside a whole cabinet or drawer just for lids alone, why not try this easy and inexpensive — yet functional — hack?

By attaching a few stick-on hooks to the inside of those kitchen cupboard doors and hanging the pan lids on them, you can free up loads and loads of space for almost nothing!

Magnetic Knife Holder

This hack is absolutely genius! Keeping knives in a pot or a container can sometimes ruin their sharpness. Also, knives are rather hard to arrange. By attaching a magnet to your wall and then sticking the knives to the magnet, you can save a lot of space on your kitchen cabinets and your kitchen counter.

On top of that, grabbing the knives from the wall is much more convenient than finding the right knife from the containers or shelves.

Door Coat Hanger

Along with your cupboard, how about you attach a coat hanger to your room door. It’s super easy and convenient. Make sure there is still enough space to open the door properly after hanging the coats and jackets.

This is convenient because now you can come back home, take off your coats, close the door, and hang it right there on the door. It’s as simple as it gets. You don’t even have to bother opening your closet.

Shoe Canned Compartments

This shoe rack hack can make organizing shoes and sandals much easier. These can compartments can accommodate a pair of shoes easily. You can attach these cans inside your shoe shelves and put your shoes there.

You will be able to store twice as many shoes on that shelf than you typically would have. This is indeed a genius hack! Use this trick and arrange your shoes in a more organized manner.

Storage Bench

Similar to the folder cabinet cum bench, this one is a shoe shelf cum bench. Having a comfy bench where you can sit and also store your favorite shoes is one of the best furniture combinations you will come across.

This makes wearing and taking off shoes more convenient and it looks absolutely beautiful. Why not use this furniture hack for your house? Trust us, you will fall in love with how seamless this is.

Hidden Headboard Storages

Love to read books before bed but short on space? Hidden headboard cum shelves might be just for you. These are shelved headboards attached to the bed. You can keep books in the small spaces to grab when you’re lying on your bed.

It's a great way to save space that may have been grossly taken up by a whole bookshelf. These headboards are usually made of dark wood and look very elegant.

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