Moving Checklist

Moving can be stressful - even if it’s just across town. To help you stay on track before and during your move, we’ve compiled this moving checklist complete with tips and tricks for a seamless transition. Enjoy our moving checklist below!



Congratulations on leasing a new apartment! After a grueling search and extensive research, you’ve found the perfect place to call home. So, now what? While you can’t pack away your possessions quite yet, there are some things you can start doing to get the moving process underway.

  • Sort: Walk through your home and make note of everything you own. Amazing how easy it is to accumulate things, isn’t it? Gradually begin to sort through those items you will be moving, and those you are ready to let go of. Make note of any valuables you may want to get extra insurance coverage for.
  • Donate: As you sort through your belongings, set aside items you no longer want or need. If they are in good condition, make a trip to a nearby donation center, host a yard sale, or give to a friend. If not, throw away or recycle any damaged or well-loved items.
  • Research movers: One of the biggest decisions to make is whether or not you want to hire movers. If so, now is the perfect time to start researching moving companies and asking for pricing quotes. If you decided to make the move yourself, start pricing moving trucks and trailers for rental.
  • Give notice: Many landlords and apartment complexes require you to provide a 60-day notice prior to your move. Be sure to notify them (sooner rather than later) that you will be leaving.


  • Get packing materials: Start scouring for moving boxes, bubble wrap, packing paper, packing tape, and other moving supplies. Oftentimes, you can find gently used boxes for sale (or for free!) on sites like Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace. Or if you’d rather, visit your nearby home improvement retailer and purchase what you need
    • TIP! Consider using more medium-sized boxes so they don’t get too heavy to lift or move.
    • TIP! Label, label, label. You will thank yourself later if you make clear notes and lists as to what is in each box and what room (in your new home) the belongings inside should go to.
  • Inventory valuables: After your initial walkthrough, you may have some idea of the valuables you want to keep tabs on. If you haven’t already, inventory your valuables and make a list of which boxes they’re packed in.
    • TIP! Take a photo of your electronics before you unplug them and pack them away. This way, when it’s time to set them up again, you will have a photo to reference.
  • Contact your insurance agent: Many rentals require proof of renters' insurance before they will hand over the keys to your new place. Be sure to contact your insurance agent in advance so you’re covered come move-in day. Don’t have an agent? Contact your leasing office and ask for their preferred rental insurance provider.
  • Going away party: If you are moving away from family and friends, you may be thinking about hosting a going away party. Now is the time! Plan and hold your party before the stress of moving grows.


  • Start packing (seriously!): If you have yet to start packing, now is the time to kick it into high gear. Moving day is only one month away!
  • Purchase moving insurance: Obtain coverage for those items you want to ensure during the move.
  • Gather important documents: It’s easy for documents to get lost in the shuffle of a big move - no matter how important they are. Gather all of your and your families’ birth certificates, passports, financial, legal, and other important documents to keep on your person during the move. 
  • Make moving day arrangements: Moving is an all-day event. Make arrangements for your children and/or pets to stay with family, friends, or schedule a sitter. If it will take multiple days to get to your new home, plan your route, and make hotel and lodging reservations now.
  • Contact utility companies: Notify your current utility providers to stop your service the day after you move out. Ensure your new utility provider can install services at least one day before you move in.
  • Clear the freezer, fridge, and pantry: Start using up the food you have on hand. It’s a hassle to move food items - especially if they need to stay cold. If you know you won’t eat everything you have, give or donate unopened pantry items.
  • Update your address: Visit or the post office to update your address. Notify your current residence of your new forwarding address just in case.
    • TIP! Don’t forget to update your voter registration as well!
  • Alert: Notify any financial institutions or subscription services, as well as family and friends, that you are moving. Update your address with them as well.
  • TIP! Here’s a fun one - make a moving day playlist to help you power through moving day.


  • Confirm movers: If you hired movers, it’s a good idea to confirm your move with them. Make sure you’re on their schedule for the right date, time, and at the correct address.
  • Request time off: Planning to take time off on and around your moving day? Notify your employer and request days off.
  • Backup your computer: Just in case :)


You did it! The packing is done, the movers are scheduled, and you are ready to get settled into your new home.

  • Confirm movers: Contact the moving company to double and triple-check your plans. Verify how much money you will owe on moving day, ask for contact numbers for the day of, and confirm their planned arrival time. Better safe than sorry!
  • Cancel or redirect scheduled deliveries: Remember that Amazon order you placed last night? You will need to cancel or redirect any pending deliveries. And if you haven’t updated your address for the monthly subscription services you’re subscribed to, this is your reminder!
  • Clean! Now that all of your stuff is boxed up and out of the way, you can reach those hard-to-clean areas. Give your home a quick once-over to make sure you’re leaving it clean and in good condition.
  • Pack essentials: Pack a bag of everything you’ll need easy access to in the first 24 hours at your new home. This includes your important documents as well as pajamas, toiletries, and other essentials.

Again, congratulations on your new apartment home! We hope you found this moving checklist useful as you prepared to move. Enjoy your new home and happy packing!

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