Are you thinking of ways to transform your old bathroom into a modern bathroom? Are you unsure with where to start looking for these modern bathroom ideas? Here at Bella Bathrooms, we’ve got you covered!


It can be challenging to look for ideas for bathrooms – you have so much to consider… from materials to the colour scheme, lighting fixtures to furniture shapes. “Do I buy a wall-mounted toilet?”, “What exactly is a modern bathroom?” – these are all valid questions that spring to mind when trying to find the perfect pictures of bathroom styling that are on-trend.


It’s natural that you’ll want a layout with anything you could want, down to the most basic element. From a statement wall, to glass doors, to a gorgeous little windowsill adorned with greenery – these are all parts of the most modern ensuite with the ‘wow’ factor of appearance!


We’re absolute pros when it comes to bathroom design ideas, so from the mid-century modern style to the most Instagram-worthy contemporary bathroom – here’s everything you need to find the perfect modern design for bathroom suites in your home. We always try to offer the best advice in every section of our articles, and our suggestions on these topics are no exception.




So just what does ‘contemporary bathroom’ mean? Well, contemporary essentially means anything in the present. So, your design ideas for your contemporary bathroom will reflect the current trends. Whether that’s a loft bathroom layout, mosaic tiles, or mid-century interior design – contemporary is the best of what’s current. When it comes to bathrooms, the design is everything to make sure you get what you want.



Let’s launch straight into our top ten modern bathroom ideas below – you’re bound to find the ideas that work for you or at least some inspiration in the styles we suggest! We’ve done all the hard work for you so you don’t have to. So read on, and when you’re done, peruse the other articles on our blog!





Lighting is a key feature of any successful bathroom design; whether this incorporates modern bathroom ideas or more traditional layouts. A modern bathroom is a perfect setting to incorporate some lighting fixtures.

A popular option in many modern bathroom design settings is a spotlight – these ceiling lights enable you to point the light towards certain focal points, ensuring your bathroom is evenly lit. Making sure that your floor space is evenly lit is one of the key modern bathroom ideas we recommend for getting your bathroom looking as good as possible. You could even incorporate a spotlight into a wall niche to provide a focused light fixture on a certain accessory.



You may also want to look at the design of bathroom downlights, which are also fixed into the ceiling of your modern bathroom. However, these are not as versatile as spotlights as they can’t be moved to suit the tastes and needs of your bathroom schemes.

If you want to add lighting with bathroom furniture, why not consider whether there’s space for an illuminated mirror? A mirror like this can provide a positive glow amid the neutral shades of your bathroom – and there’s a world of sizes to pick from so you can tailor your pieces to the aspect you want to focus on… these mirrors do just the trick to provide a nice border around your sink and vanity space. They’re quintessentially modern… so vintage-lovers, look elsewhere!



Another one of our key modern bathroom ideas is to incorporate as many accessories as your heart desires! Being careful not to overdo it – to keep the bathroom modern and minimal, why not add some accessories here and there? Lots of interior design plans incorporate heavy fixtures such as vanity units or a feature wall, whilst there’s also the option to add bathroom decor where appropriate.



We love this tip when considering design ideas because accessories are personable and can make a modern bathroom stand out as your own. Your home is yours to design – so why not choose some elements to give it a personal touch? You can express your style with your array of features, whilst keeping the modern bathroom design you really want.

You could consider the swanky lighting accessories that we’ve mentioned above – but pay attention to ensuring that they’re easy on the eye and don’t provide too much of a contrast. If you want to muse over a chandelier, our advice would be to keep these fixtures for the bedroom. The bathroom should be about the offers you can get on accessories that will adorn the surface of countertop units and such.





We’re sure that, whilst searching Instagram, Pinterest, and other platforms for inspiration, you’ll have seen that the best modern bathrooms come with an array of greenery and leafy friends. But why are plants the new staple of the most minimal modern bathroom design? Here are three reasons why you can use plants to keep your bathroom modern:

  • They look great: It’s true, plants look wonderful in a modern bathroom and can be incorporated into an array of bathroom design ideas. Whether it’s a trailing ivy taking effect across your shower, or a smaller succulent at the base of your mirror vanity, plants are an essential for inspiration in your modern bathroom.
  • They’re low maintenance: If you’re looking for products that provide inspiration, give your bathrooms’ design a personal touch and look, but actually don’t require that much maintenance in effect, then you won’t find things more perfect than plants. People love plants because they’re so easy to have as a staple of good style, that do not require much maintenance.
  • Air purifying: Here’s a little known fact of interest; the average houseplant actually features many important properties for your home spaces. A peace lily, for example, has an air-purifying effect; how perfect for a bathroom!



Of all of the design elements we can think of for your home’s bathroom, wall-mounted furnishings immediately spring to mind. These sorts of staples are essential elements of a sleek, smooth look. Take inspiration from our website to see which elements will work for your bathrooms’ style. Whether a wall-mounted toilet, a bathtub, or even a sink basin, your shower room or bathroom could greatly benefit from wall-hung furniture.



But why all this interest in wall mounts? Take our word for it, people love this sort of furnishing for many things. For one – they save space! Having a toilet or sink that’s attached to the walls of your home frees up floor space so that your modern bathroom seems spacious.

Most modern bathrooms have space factored in as a key element – whether it’s a modern bathroom design that creates the illusion of space or features design ideas to create more space, such as a walk-in shower, space is something that you’ll need lots of. So, take a look at some wall-mounted furniture, such as a sleek mid-century vanity unit… it’s sure to transform your shower room into the modern space of your dreams!



Onto our next tip for the best modern bathroom… tiles! Whether you’re one of those people who’s a fan of pristine white, or you’re into mid-century minimalism, tiles are a brilliant way to make your bathroom look more modern. You can use tiles along the floor or wall, creating an effect that gives a high-class experience with lines upon lines of pristine tiling.

The colour of your tiles is quite important to consider, as is the material. Many prefer marble tiles for their overall luxury look, whereas some prefer ceramic or even stone tiles. Either way, if you’re debating between tiles versus wood flooring, there’s plenty of reason to opt for the former.

TOP TIP: In terms of shapes and lines, you can enhance the space-saving element of designs by arranging your floor tiles in diagonal lines. This creates a pleasant experience by giving the illusion and look of space into your design. These elements, among others, are therefore more than worthwhile to consider in order to make your bathroom feel like one of the most spacious spaces in your home!

Regarding wall tiles, a wonderful design opted for by many people are grey tiles – these give your wall a sleek, sheen look. Pair with a statement mirror for one design that your guests will find so impressive!



Another tip that’s almost a given in any modern bathroom is to incorporate technology into your design! This doesn’t have to be anything too swanky or impressive – it can just be some nice lighting on your vanity unit – but if you want your design to truly have a contemporary style, to look and feel as modern as possible, we’d recommend some technology.

There’s lots you could opt for, from underfloor heating to a heated towel rail. Easy technology such as this makes your bathroom feel like more than just a toilet, sink, and shower combo – it unites your suite in both style and functionality and makes it feel like an ultra-modern room in your home. This is one of the best tips we could offer for both style and substance. A bathroom is a part of your home that’s not to be neglected – so make sure you design it so it’s fit for use, as well as making sure it looks good.

Products such as these are essentials if you want to provide a solution to any worries of functionality. If you want your guests to have the kind of positive experience in your home that they’ll be telling stories about, then definitely consider factoring such technology into your construction. There are a range of picks that can suit many budgets, and any expert or customers would agree that technology makes all the difference and hits the spot in your property bathroom when considering function and comfort.



A rainfall shower mounted onto your ceiling is a brilliant way to provide a sleek, modern design to your home. Instead of having a shower head on the wall, these products will allow water to fall gently from above. A shower like this is suitable if you’re one for luxury touches in your home. They look sleek, and they feel even better.

A shower enclosure could easily benefit from a little light luxury, so a rainfall ceiling shower is such an easy way to add this to your room. It’s definitely one of the more recommended features of the different products offered and is a great idea if you like your fittings to provide the perfect point between comfort and character, designer style and ultimate function.

If you opt for such a sleek model, providing a quality shower experience, you’ll want to make sure the range of designer decor you include in your bathroom also, in fact, matches the character. From sinks and basin types, to toilet models – all the little tips and finishes need to feature the utmost style, and this style should be seamless enough to translate into the key fixings and surrounding elements, such as the shelves of towels.



Another key challenge that customers find, according to feedback, is how to select bathroom furniture that suits the mood of simplicity and pattern of design but also provides enough beauty and efficacy for the space of the room to really flow. As we’ve said, your bathroom needs to be both stylish and fit for purpose.

In order to provide some much-needed sturdy functioning to the bathroom of homes and apartments, you may want to opt for curved furniture, such as baths. Curved baths, corner showers, and other curved furniture provide the perfect combination of fashion and function.

You don’t need to put your budget on the shelf; we’ve got a brilliant combination of packages and bathroom suites that incorporate the aesthetic of curved furniture and corner showers. Want to know whether curved tubs are successful? Just check out their popularity on our website!



Another choice you could opt for to inject a little style into your modern rooms is exposed materials. Many modern homes use finishes in their bathroom that you could describe as ‘back to basics’; grey concrete, exposed brickwork, hardwood floors – there may be a lack of tiling or paint jobs but there’s certainly not a lack of personality.

Couple these materials with industrial type shelves, and you’ll have finishes that are classic modern, reminiscent of a mid-century loft in Brooklyn. This tip works particularly well if you have windows, or one big window, that can let lots of light in. This creates an open space, giving a sense of contemporary warmth in your bathroom. Who doesn’t love feeling stylish when they pop to the loo?

Concrete grey tiles or exposed brick right next to your walk-in shower enclosure or roll-top bathtubs are a brilliant option to give your bathroom a modern feel, providing a sense of open space and quality modern products through the room. These features can also be highlighted with the right light choice – be sure to couple exposed materials in your homes’ bathrooms with spotlight fixtures!



At the forefront of your design is going to be the colour schemes. Choosing the right colour schemes for you can really take the weight off, and set the bar for the rest of your bathroom’s elements. Choosing a scheme that’s easy to accessorise with will make life much easier. For example, lots of modern designs employ chic monochrome, as opposed to bright, daring colours like red. Save your more colourful ideas for bedrooms and living rooms, maybe with a sofa – but keep the bathroom minimal to reach optimal chicness and modernity.

Whether you’ve got a top-end budget or you’re more at the base of price options, we’ve got options for you on our site. Look through and browse for more information, but our Nuie range of bathroom suites provides a brilliant example of where monochrome colour schemes and complementary lights can work together to provide an ultra-modern setting.



Our final idea for providing an ultra-modern bathroom is to install a bath that has a single panel. These sorts of bath units are sleek and provide a compact, space-saving look. As we’ve noted, it’s a fact that opening up the space of flooring in your bathroom puts the advantage of roominess on your side.

Therefore, our final tip is probably one of the most effective tips we could offer you. If you want an idea of what a single panel bath will look like, have a browse through the content on our site. For example, we love the look of the Nuie Linton Single Ended Bath, which is part of the Cassellie Daisy Lou Shower Bath Suite.

We hope this article has given you enough content to get a good idea of how to make your bathroom modern and full of stylish simplicity, with all the tones of contemporaneity.



Go back over the tips above after reading some of the most common questions readers and customers ask!



Styling a modern bathroom is a lot easier than it seems – it’s actually not a hard task at all. There’s a certain process you can follow when it comes to getting an idea of all of your chosen elements, such as flooring. Our top tips will make life a lot easier, and can be summed up with the following points:

1. Know what you want – the first thing to do is have an idea of the sort of layout you’re after

2. Know your furniture tastes – everything from the toilet to the shower, to sinks and basins, need to be considered here. It’s a good idea to outline what you’re looking for in your furniture before continuing

3. Know your colours – pick the colours that you want to use in your modern bathroom! Muted colours and monochrome are best to use for a modern look. These can enhance spaces, especially when coupled with effective lighting products

4. Pick materials – The walls and flooring, as well as cabinetry and surfaces, need to have every little thing considered. Many opt for marble flooring as it’s a very chic way to inject some luxury into your bathroom suite, whilst some enjoy that concrete look

5. Choose some accessorising products – from artwork to houseplants, to storage baskets for your toiletries, the accessorising can easily make or break a shower room

After reading this information, we hope you’re a little more equipped to style your dream modern bathroom!



There are three main types of modern bathroom that interior designers see in home decor and bathroom trends. Here’s what they are:

Minimalist Suites- These feature a seamless design following simplistic layouts and bathroom decor – ultimately illustrating that less is more.

Designer Suites- These suites are designed by some of the country’s most esteemed bathroom designers – bringing the latest modern bathroom ideas straight to your home.

Luxury Suites- These suites are the best of the best; they incorporate lavish bathroom designs with luxury goods, including the latest modern technology. Vanity unit with an LED light-up mirror? It’s all yours! ;



If you’re a fan of all the hottest UK-based interior designer news, being sure to keep track of every link to every recommended product, you’ll already know what’s trending. However, our team have taken care to outline the hottest trends of this year for bathrooms… from cabinetry to bathtubs, wood panels to concrete tiles.

Here’s what we’ve found is trending this year. You’ll find that most of it has been summarised in the article above!

1. High gloss tiles – whilst concrete tiles are certainly trending, high-gloss tiles are also all the rage

2. A variety of tub shapes– we’re really excited for this one… expect a variety of different bathtubs to appear on the scene this year – check out our tips for curved tubs above to stay on-trend

3. Natural stone– in other words, exposed material. Word on the street is that exposed, raw material is providing that contemporary back-to-basics look of simplicity. This is expected to be especially popular with sinks and basins, so make sure you’re reading our suggestions above for how to follow this trend

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